As students, our lives are always extremely hectic, and our studies can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be difficult to find good study habits that work for us, because let’s face it: no one wants to just read from the textbook. Here are some effective study methods that can help you with your next quiz, test, or final.

  1. Quizlet: Quizlet is an easy and reliable online source where you can create your own digital flashcards. You can collaborate with other users, create various study sets, as well as quiz yourself on the flashcards that you made.

    Quizlet photo taken by Emma Wright
  2. Concept Map: Concept maps are a simple tool that many people will use to study. They are an easy and fun way to lay out your information. They are perfect if you love to draw and have fun with your outlines.You can grab some pencils, pens, and markers and have fun with it!Concept Map photo taken by Emma Wright
  3. Study Group: One of the best ways to study is to collaborate with others. You and your group of friends can head over to the library, The Perch, or even your dorm rooms. Everyone can collaborate on outlines, as well as quiz each other using notes and flashcards.

    Study Groups photo by Emma Wright
  4. Outline: Creating an outline of your material is a classic study method that many people find extremely helpful. Instead of reading your textbook, highlight the key points and turn them into an outline. All of your ideas will be organized in a clear and easy format.

    Outlines photo taken by Emma Wright
  5. Flashcards: Flashcards are a classic and simple way to study. Whether you’re studying vocabulary, history, calculus, or any other subject, flashcards are the perfect tool to help you study your material.

    Photo by Emma Wright

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