Have you ever walked somewhere on campus and realized that it took you forever? While Saint Joe’s is not the biggest campus in the world, by any means, getting somewhere can be a hassle if you are in a jam. We decided to venture and share some of the shortcuts around campus. Some of them are so popular that they might not even be considered as shortcuts, but maybe there are one or two that you didn’t know. Here are a few tips to shortcut your way to class.

The Library

Drexel Library- Photographed by Nick Shisler

Oh the Library, or Club Lib, does more than just serve as a study space or a social hang out. It is a great tool to zip right through campus and shave off 2 minutes or more of walking. The library is a shortcut if you are coming from Campion and heading to Barbelin or Mandeville.

McShain Bridge

McShain Bridge- Photographed by Nick Shisler

This is one of the most common and well-utilized shortcuts on campus. The McShain Bridge is currently out of commission, but when open, the bridge is a perfect way to beat the City Ave traffic or if you are coming from behind the library, or you live in McShain.

Lapsley Lane

Lapsley Lane- Photographed by Nick Shisler

Which leads into our next one, Lapsley Lane now known as “The way I have to go because the bridge is closed.” Located right next to McShain, Lapsley is a beautiful street to even talk a walk down just to de-stress. If you are in a rush to get from Merion to the Library taking Lapsley is actually quicker than crossing the street by Villiger.

LaFarge Alley

LaFarge Alley- Photographed by Nick Shisler

This is one of the lesser known shortcuts around campus. This alley, located behind Campion, can get you from LaFarge or Sourin to Bellarmine or Mandeville in a jiffy. Although it’s not the most glamorous walkway, as it passes through facilities and the back of Camp, it will get you through campus quicker and has a back entrance to Campion. So if you live in Lafarge, are hungry, or in a rush to get to the complete opposite side of campus, LaFarge Alley is the route for you!


Campion- Photographed by Nick Shisler

The last location, Campion, has a couple of shortcuts inside of it. The first is cutting through Campion itself. If you are by Villiger and have to get to Bellarmine or the Perch just cut through the cafeteria and exit through DB and it’ll bring you right out by the Perch. Perhaps the biggest shortcut is if you need to get to 2nd floor Campion where the Senate office is or other offices, there is a staircase by the Sourin parking lot access by the outside of the physical building. Just make sure you aren’t the person who tries to go through the emergency exit inside of Campion and set off the alarm!

I hope these little tricks will help you to shortcut your way to class and save you some travel time during your busy day.

Campus Map

Written by Sean Nauta


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