Transportation is essential for students who live off-campus and the SJU shuttle services may be their only means of transportation. The shuttles are a key link in the mobility of students and they play a crucial role in connecting their outside life to campus; in other words, it is the link between home and school. Students rely on the shuttle as their daily form of transportation and they often use it many times a day. It is a good resource to have, but it’s not always reliable. Student’s routines can be affected by the unpredictability of the shuttle, which can impact their academics if they can’t get to class. The shuttle is not a valid excuse to be late for a class, but the shuttle can be part of why the student was late. We all wish there were more shuttles running, but rather than wishing for something that is out of our hands, we are going to tell you how to get around the shuttle.

  • Many of you have arrived late or missed a class as noted in a Hawk Chill Instagram poll. So be sure to check the shuttle schedule which will provide you with a time frame of when the shuttle will arrive at each stop. However, it may arrive before or after the posted time, so be ready at least ten minutes before.
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  • There are two West shuttles running on the weekdays and one on the weekends. On weekdays, they run four times per hour, while on the weekends, only twice per hour. This means that on the weekends the waiting time is longer and perhaps walking can even be a faster alternative.
  • There is only one East shuttle running so missing it will make you be late for class because the shuttle will take at least another half hour. In this case find a friend in the area that can take you or Uber because if the shuttle is running, Public Safety will most likely not take you. Also, please note is that the shuttle does not work from 10:20 am to 1:20 pm on the weekdays and from 1:20 pm to 3:20 pm on the weekends, so do not hesitate to go to the nearest stop and call Public Safety instead.
  • You can track the shuttles through the SJU mobile app, although it often does not show where the shuttles are (saying that they are offline) which leaves students unaware of when the shuttle will arrive. Another option to track the shuttle is the Ride Systems app, which is available for both iTunes and Android platforms. This app is more reliable and the location of the shuttle is more accurate.
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  • If you are in Mandeville ask if you are on the right bus line before getting in. We often believe that a certain shuttle corresponds to a line, but sometimes they change the shuttles.
  • Waive or make any signal to let the driver know that you are catching the bus because if not they may not stop and waiting for the next shuttle can be frustrating. Do this especially at the Bala stop  (East shuttle) and at the Cardinal Avenue stop (West shuttle).
Photo by Faith Prince
  • When serious weather strikes and the university cancels class, be sure to get in the first shuttle that arrives because they will most likely stop operating after that. If you missed it, then walk back to your apartment, find a friend who can drive you, or get an Uber.

These are some tips on how to get around the shuttle, but the more you use it you will learn your own tricks. Regardless of the shuttle’s shortcomings, it is essential for students to have, and with practice you can learn how to use it effectively to get around campus.

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