1,022.01 miles away from home is Jane’s second home– Hawk Hill.

Jane grew up in Miami, Florida and flew from her nest all the way to Philadelphia to attend college. Despite the distance and homesickness, Jane was able to make SJU her home away from home.

Through the clubs she is heavily involved in, friends she leans on, love for her major, and leadership positions– Jane has created her mark on campus.

Here’s Some Reasons How:

Being Vice President of BSU

When Jane came to SJU as a freshman, she was seeking to find a community that shares pride in their heritage, common experiences, and passion for social justice.

Jane uses her voice to speak out about injustices faced by minoritized groups which is what drew her to the Black Student Union.

Today, Jane is the Vice President of the Black Student Union: curating events, speaking out against injustices, and using her role to promote inclusivity on campus.

Photo by Gabriella D’Agostino

Studying Biology

Whether in lab or conducting research, Jane fully immersed herself into her Biology major.

“Bio as a major at Saint Joe’s is very tight knit and small community that looks out for each other. The bio department has always tried it’s best to make me feel like I’m a part of the community, and  professors have reached out to me personally, and have taken me underneath their wings”, said Jane.

Having such a strong connection to the Bio community has motivated Jane to continue her studies post graduation.

Photo by Gabriella D’Agostino

Building Community in Res Life

While her community is a major reason why SJU is a home for her, Jane now creates community among her first year residents!

Jane stated that, “Being an RA is an immense responsibility. It has taught me how to be a self- aware leader, a positive role model for my residents, and helpful time management skills. The role itself plays a huge part in my experience here as an upperclassman.”

Reflecting on her experiences, now being able to provide her residents with resources and information on how to make their space at SJU has been a fulfilling and holistic experience for Jane as a rising senior.

Jane continues to make SJU her home through her involvement on campus and in making campus feel like home to so many others through her work.

If you’re looking for ways to make SJU feel more like your home, check out this article.

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