Backpacks, everyone carries them, everyone puts stuff in them, but not everyone keeps the essentials they need in them! Here are 12 things everyone should get to keep in their bags to have a successful school day:

1. Laptop and Charger 

Seems silly to tell a bunch of college students that they should keep their laptops in their backpacks, but many people often attend class and forget them in their dorms. Try writing yourself a note and leaving it in your bathroom mirror, so in the morning rush you won’t forget it! Also bring a charger because the worst thing that could happen is getting work done and poof! The computer dies and you’re now stuck trying to find a friend with one handy.

Always set a reminder!
Credits: Kali Pappas


2. Money 

Many a time someone has asked you to get food or go to the store during the day and you most likely left your wallet at home! Try to keep a spare $10 in your bag for those “just in case” moments so you won’t miss out.

10 dollars could save 10 minutes of stress!
Credit: Kali Pappas

 3. Phone accessories

How many times have you had to ask someone for a phone charger in the past week? Probably more than you care to admit! Invest in a phone charger to bring to class or a portable charger! It will insure that you can keep up with social media and text your friends throughout your day. To find Amazon’s best selling portable power banks check out this website.

4. Snacks

If you live far from camps or just simply don’t have time to eat in-between classes, on the go snacks are important to keeping the munchies at bay. Trying packing granola bars, dried fruits, and small containers filled with something healthy to munch on during your day of running around hawk hill.

Quick and easy snacks for your quick break.
Credit: Kali Pappas

5. Deodorant

A popular staple among athletes is to throw some on in-between class and practice. It can also help non-athletes to stay fresh and clean through those hot days on Hawk Hill. To find the best smelling deodorants to buy, check out this website. 

Smell and stay fresh.
Credit: Kali Pappas

6. Glasses  

For people who wear glasses this seems like something you would already know, but some people will forget their case and they’re left without something to clean their lenses or they bring the case but left them on their desk. Try to remember your glasses so you’re free to learn without struggle during the day. For those who like to not be blinded by the sun when walking to and from classes, keep an extra pair in your backpack so you can see your fellow hawks without squinting too much.

7. Gum  

If you eat in-between classes and don’t have time to brush your teeth before your next stop for the day, try to carry some mints or gum in your bag. This will help keep your mouth feeling fresh and ready for any presentation.

Always pack some extra packs of gum to have extra fresh breath.
Credit: Kali Pappas

8. Water

Something healthy and helpful! Try and carry a water bottle with you to keep your body hydrated, healthy, and focused *Bonus, it’s good for your skin! For those who want to invest in a nice water bottle, to motivate themselves to drink more, check out this website for the best water bottles to invest in.

Don’t forget to hydrate!
Credit: Kali Pappas


9. School supplies

Seems a bit redundant to tell people to bring school supplies to school. But how many times have you had to ask to borrow a pencil for scantrons? Or your one and only pen dies and you’re finding yourself asking everyone for extra. Keep 3-4 pens and other writing utensils for emergencies.

It never hurts to pack an extra set of school supplies!
Credit: Kali Pappas

10. Lady products  

I’m sure lady hawks can relate to texting their friends, when they’re on campus, asking if anyone has a tampon. Try and keep an extra in your bag because you never know when disaster can strike!

11. Moisturizing Products

With winter coming that means chapped lips and dry skin. Hawks should keep some Chap Stick and lotion on them to keep their skin happy and healthy. Check out these chap sticks and lotions to protect your skin for the upcoming weather.

12. Anti-Sick Products

With winter on its way and fall weather coming towards us, something people should carry with them is some supplies for when you get a cold. Tissues, cough drops, and hand sanitizer are just some tiny things to keep in your bag to keep yourself feeling healthy and protected from all the illnesses going around.

Very essential products.
Credit: Kali Pappas

With these 12 essentials any hawk should be able to have a successful and less stressful school day. Now you won’t have to rush back to your dorm or house to grab that one tiny thing you forgot, ask people to borrow things, or spend money on food (since you will have packed your snacks)!

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