St Joe’s campus offers so many unique clubs to join that make it impossible to know they all exist. Clubs can vary from sports all the way to volunteer activities. To help you discover a few new clubs on campus here are 5 different clubs you probably didn’t know existed.

1. Bridging The Gap:

This is an organization to promote awareness of diverse lifestyles to create a more accepting environment on campus. Check out their social media to learn more here. 

2. Hand in Hand:

This club spreads awareness on campus about students with physical and developmental disabilities. It that aims to increase interaction and unite St. Joseph’s students as a whole. Find out more about this club to see if you are interested on their website.

3. She’s the First:

This is a non-profit organization that sponsors girls’ education in underprivileged countries. Its main purpose is to fundraise for girls’ sponsorships using social networking. Keep up to date by following their social media.

4. Improv C

This is a group that allows anyone to explore the theater style of improvisation. It also aims to have live performances once a month to provide entertainment to students on campus. See for yourself the amazing shows they put on here.

5. Hawks on Pointe:

A club also known as HOP, aims to provide high quality entertainment through the production of dance and song ensembles. They create collections of songs from the radio and other dance-based routines. Basically the dance team meets hawkapella.

Take the time to put yourself out there and sign up for a few clubs that seem interesting to you. There are an abundance of options here at St Joe’s and plenty of time to join!

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