Being a student at SJU you start to hear about the magis and how to “live greater: that’s the magis”. So how do you even think to start living greater? With so many opportunities to do so it can get overwhelming, making it easy to overlook some.  3 of the most prominent options we can get involved in are Weekly Service, Alpha Phi Omega, and Service Learning.

Weekly Service

Weekly Service is something that most SJU students have heard of but haven’t considered. Students pick where they would like to serve and what demographics they would like to be involved with. Options range from visiting hospitals, schools, retirements homes, and more. Sign-ups for Weekly Service are available at the beginning of each semester, there are still spots open at some of the sites (as of February 8, 2017). It focuses on the relationships you build through your service. This is one of the best way to get involved on campus, make connections with other students and the community, and help others. 

Photo provided by: SJU Weekly Service

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is the service fraternity on campus. It is a coeducational national service fraternity that allows students to build a relationship with their other students with similar passions. Alpha Phi Omega gives students involved, to not only have a group of people who share the same interest as them, the opportunity to participate in serving the community of SJU, surrounding communities, and nationally serving.  Through this organization students are also able to develop and grow leadership skills. Overall this fraternity is a can’t miss opportunity on Hawk Hill.

Photo provided by: Alpha Phi Omega’s Facebook

Service Learning

Service Learning is the opportunity to get involved in service through your course work. The purpose behind this is to help students better understand the more complex concepts they are discussing in their classes and allows them to better relate to the material. Service Learning is available to students of all classes if they can dedicate 3 hours of their week to service. This is truly a great opportunity to deepen knowledge while expanding educational horizons.


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