Leaving the Nest


What must be the scariest as well as the most exciting part of being a senior at SJU is having the future right in reach. Looking for a job after college that will transition you from an undergrad to part of the professional world is the first step towards grabbing that future. What are some of those job opportunities and did Saint Joe’s prepare the seniors well enough to leave the safety of campus to find that job? Senior Casey Brands found her future in Nashville, Tennessee working for Cigna in their Underwriting Leadership program. When asked if SJU had an impact on her preparing for and getting this job, she said “The risk management program truly prepared me for not only the interview, but also the confidence to feel that I am prepared to start working.” She learned about the job opportunity through GIS (Gamma lota Sigma), which is the Risk Management Society at SJU. Although Philadelphia is a long way from Nashville, Saint Joes has taught Casey “the importance of being present in the moment and to live each day as a new adventure.” SJU teaches its students to have an understanding of the world around you which helps seniors find comfort and strength to step out of their comfort zones and seek out opportunities wherever they lie. While Casey found her passions in the Risk Management department she also found guidance and assistance there in her search for a career. All the departments at Saint Joseph’s have this ability to help seniors as well as all undergrads gain a head start in their job searches and it seems to be working out in many peoples’ favor. Although the world of Nashville, Tennessee may not be familiar comfortable as Hawk Hill, Casey is walking into it with an open mind and spirit and SJU has provided her that level of acceptance for an unknown world beyond our small nest.

Emily Phalon

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