No one wants to be in the dreaded 8 AM slot for class, but when your pick time sucks or the class you absolutely need to take happens to be an 8 AM, there might be no other option. If you’re about to take your first 8 AM, or hopefully your last, here are the types of people you’re bound to encounter.


1. The person who is always late

Not everyone wakes up the first time their alarm goes off, or the second time, or the third. These people can never get themselves out of the warmth of their bed in time to make it to their 8 AM since they’re always chasing those few extra Z’s. They consistently come to class long after lecture has started, but at least they show up, right?

2. The “try hard”

This person wants everyone to know that they chose their 8 AM on purpose and that they came prepared. When everyone else is practically asleep, this person is at the front of the class vigorously taking notes and always has their hand up to answer a question. To be honest, having this person in your 8 AM is a blessing because they will take the professor’s attention off you and you won’t be put on the spot to answer a question about a reading you didn’t do.

3. The walking magazine cover

This person is always dressed to impress. Why someone would want to wear tight jeans and a cute (but not always comfortable) shirt, and wake up early to do their hair and makeup for an 8 AM is beyond me. But there always seems to be that one person in your class that makes you feel like a homeless person for wearing sweats and a t-shirt. They may look good, but at least the rest of us are comfortable and able to take a nap with ease right after, or during, class.

4. The one who never gets enough sleep

If they’re awake long enough to talk to you, chances are they’re going to talk about how they never get enough sleep and that they’re tired. Usually though, you’ll find them with their head down already fast asleep. The effects of the 8 AM classes begin hitting this person by week 2, and have them walking through campus Walking Dead style by midterms. Be ready for them to text you for your notes!

5. The party animal

Do you find that is smells like a bar in your 8 AM? You can thank the party animal for that one. This person doesn’t let their 8 AM take away from the college experience and will go the the bar no matter what, even if it means coming to class hungover and smelling like booze. They are probably clutching their coffee in hopes it’ll perk them up enough to pay attention through their alcohol haze and have a hood or sunglasses on to try and block out the light that is giving them a throbbing headache. Props to them for showing up though!

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