Looking for New Music?

For all the music lovers out there, are you a Hawk that likes to take the aux? If you are, pay close attention to our suggested playlists for each genre. Music is the vocal and instrumental sounds combined in ways to create beauty in songs to express emotion. College students can be very stressed out sometimes; we listen to music as a way to unwind and relax. In many ways, music can provide many different emotions and each one of our playlists will allow you to tap into each one of your feelings. These are the most popular songs going around SJU. Rap lovers, we have one for you. If you want some feel good music and something to listen to while walking to class, we have that pop playlist for you. Pre-gaming and party music is here for you. And if you’re “in your bag”, we got the “in my feelings” songs for you.  Check out the variety of playlists we have for all you music lover Hawks out there. Grab your headphones or connect to your speaker, get on aux and have a listen to the newest songs of your favorite genres, soon to be your favorite songs.


Dropping a Beat

Rap – Either listening to rap to get hyped or to participate in thought provoking music, this playlist has a range of variety of different songs to satisfy your taste in rap.



Good Vibes

Pop – Either listening to music while walking to class, jamming out in the car with your friends, or listening to get in a good mood or feel motivated, this playlist is here for you to get ready to take on the day.




Party Music – Pre-gaming with your friends?  Getting ready to go out? If you want hype music here are the perfect songs to get excited and ready for the night ahead. These songs are meant for you to blast in your room and dance all night long.


In Your Bag

Sad Music – Having a bad day? Or just being in your bag? Too much on your mind? Dark rainy day bringing you down? Listen to this playlist to get you more into your feelings.


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