Two of Carina’s biggest aspects of her life
Brandon Barrett ’25 reps 5APLHA

“Do better than the person before you” is a powerful quote to live by and it is what Carina Chieffalo lives by. Chieffalo ‘25 here at Saint Joseph’s University is the definition of a multitasker. A member of the lacrosse team, a member of the Drexel ROTC program, a student in the Haub School of Business, a small business owner and a podcast host are just a few of the things that make Chieffalo who she is.

In August of 2019, Chieffalo started the clothing line called 5Alpha. “I was so tired of wearing the same Underarmour, Nike, Addias and I wanted something that was small. Something that could build a community and bring people together,” Chiefallo explained. 

Here at Saint Joseph’s University, 5Alpha has found a home at Hagan Arena, bringing athletes from various sports teams together as one entire Hawk Hill community. 

5Alpha has a special meaning behind its name. Each letter in the word Alpha has a more significant meaning behind it. A stands for Ambition, L stands for Leadership, P stands for Perseverance, H stands for Hard Work, and A stands for Action. Each of these words represent the values that the Five Alpha team finds the most important to live by. The company believes, “It is important to embed these core values into your everyday life and use them as a way to inspire not only yourself but others around you.”

When asking Chieffalo about her experience and involvement in ROTC she says, “I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than myself.” Chieffalo loves the ROTC because it combines two things she finds extremely important, fitness and being involved with something of meaning.

While her schedule may seem impossible, Chieffalo somehow manages it all. 

The secret to her success; organization as well as communication. “Being as detailed and planned in advance has really helped me. I have this notepad on my desk that every week I make a new list and update it for that week.” She also expressed, “the communication between my coaches and the staff at ROTC has been huge.”

Chieffalo strives to reach her dreams one day in various ways. In regards to her education, she hopes to pursue a career in Business Administration and potentially even end up on Shark Tank one day. Since she is actively involved in ROTC, she weighs the options of deploying in active duty or joining the Army Reserves post graduation. Chieffalo has also always had a love for sports so her athletic career will not be coming to an end post graduation. Chieffalo talks about expanding her horizons from lacrosse and trying out a new athletic path in MMA or even rugby.

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