The beginning of a new semester is the perfect time to work on (re)forming wholesome study habits. Of course, we want to start the semester off with our best foot forward. A study habit is similar to true love: once you find the right one, you never want to it let go. Many of us work endlessly to figure out which methods work best when it comes to preparing for a test or quiz. Whether you study in your bed or on the third floor new side, we all work for the same outcome. Five business students revealed the study habits that work best for them. Read up and feel free to give their strategies a try!

“I’m much better at remembering information when I rewrite it by hand. It sticks in my brain better.” –Megan Szabo, Sophomore, Marketing

“I’m really good at procrastinating until like 1 am and then I stay up all night before a final. I do well under pressure.” –Dom Vivolo, Sophomore, Sports Marketing

“Being the scholar I am, I tend to perform at my highest level when soothed by only the finest of classical music, accompanied by only the rarest of imported teas, and when bundled up like a burrito in my Cashmere blanket.” -Tom Cerami, Junior, Business Intelligence & Analytics

photo by Carina Bautista

“I condense and rewrite my notes.” –Kristen Moisey, Senior, Food Marketing and Business Intelligence & Analytics

 “I study best when I’m by myself and have nothing around to distract me. I usually keep my phone in another room to prevent me from going on social media.” –Michaela Keating, Junior, Marketing

So whip out those notebooks, headphones, and imported teas and head over to the library! Happy studying, hawks!

Maddie Michowski

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