Everybody knows that Saint Joseph’s University is known for their basketball team. We know the players the minute they walk into campion. Amazing skills, stardom, fresh uniforms-they have it made, right? What people fail to remember is that when the lights of Hagan are off for the night and the basketball is set down, these players are humans.

“Everybody faces issues in life. The loss of my brother and father shaped my mentality into what it is today. This made me realize you can’t take things for granted. Everybody goes through things it’s all about how you bounce back from it.” -Nick Robinson, Sophomore

“My first years at SJU, I struggled with being far from home. Chicago is a lot different from Philly and I always wanted to be home. I feel like people don’t find me approachable, but I’m a friendly. I’m definitely trying to be more approachable and talk to more people.” -Lorenzo Edwards, Sophomore“When I went to boarding school, I was with people that I probably would have never hung out with. I got to learn about their cultures and religion and it made me a more well-rounded person.” -Gerald Blount, Sophomore

 “When I was 12 years old, I used to stay out with friends until 1 a.m.. My grandparents would yell at me and I would never listen to them. One day when I came home from school, I got a phone call saying my house had burnt down. After that, I fell in love with being grateful for everything. I never take bad risks or bad chances anymore.” -Charlie Brown, Sophomore

Before you judge a book by its cover (or a person by their basketball uniform) keep in mind the person within. Like the rest of us, the SJU basketball team deals with various things life throws at them. However, they learn from these events and don’t let any of it define them-something we should all take with us.

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