For most of us, freshmen year of college is the first time that we are officially living on our own. That being said, it takes some time to get used to the boring aesthetics of a college dorm room, and it is even more difficult to make it seem like your ‘home.’ A comfortable work and living environment is essential to meeting academic and social goals. Here are a few tips to make your bland dorm room feel more like home.

#1. Photos of Friends and Family

Adding pictures of your family members and friends from home can help not only remind you of the great memories and traditions from home, but also help get you through a stressful day! Place the photos all around your room, not just in one designated space.

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#2. Fuzzy Blankets, Rugs, Pillows

A good night’s sleep is desired by all of us sleeping in college dorm rooms. Design your bed and it’s surrounding areas to make you never want to get up.

#3. Add Lighting

According to research studies from Minnesota University , “rooms with bright light, both natural and artificial, can improve health outcomes such as depression, agitation, and sleep.” (see here!) So do yourself a favor and add as many lights as possible to your room!

Media Credits: Peyton Drift

#4. Hang Posters, Tapestries, etc.

Posters can help to personalize your room, and create a reflection of yourself and your interests. It also doesn’t hurt to cover up those monotonous, jail-cell looking, dorm room walls with some fun and vibrant looking art.

Media Credits: Peyton Drift

#5. Keep it Organized

Nobody likes to hang in the messy room, so don’t be that guy or girl with clothes and trash everywhere. A neat and tidy working space is essential for those nights that you just really don’t feel like getting to the library. Keeping your belongings in designated areas can help you avoid losing important materials.

#6. Personalize Your Belongings

Monogrammed objects can add a personal touch to whatever you’d like. Whether it’s your initials, or your fraternity or sorority letters, labeled items can look really cool.

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#7. Add a Great Scent

We all know the smell of dirty clothes or some bizzare scents coming from the room next door. Nobody wants to be reminded of the boring scents of school while you’re supposed to be at home, add some candles or other fragrance enhancers to your room to make it smell great.

Media Credits: Peyton Drift

#8. Comfy Seating

Make sure to add some chairs that people will want to stay, and sit in. The wooden chairs, so graciously provided by the school, are not always the most welcoming to guests. Bean bags or low-to-the ground seats are both aesthetically pleasing and make for a more comfortable hang out. 

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#9. Invest in a Mini Fridge or Microwave

Not only will this allow you to save dining points, but you can buy some of the same foods from home, stay healthy, avoid takeout, and most importantly have access to food on demand without dragging yourself to the dining hall!

#10. Use Color!

Color is known to stimulate the brain and its creative abilities. With all of your room decorations, make sure to stray from black and white, and add some splashing colors.

Media Credits: Peyton Drift



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