Ever wonder what time Campion opens for breakfast on a Sunday? Or why you’ve been waiting so long for the shuttle on Cardinal Avenue? Whether you are on your way to class, studying with a friend, going out for the night, or just working out, you probably always have your phone with you. Here’s a list of apps every Hawk should have on their phones while they’re nesting on Hawk Hill:

1. SJU Mobile

One app that every Hawk should have is SJU Mobile. In one convenient place you can see everything from the shuttle schedule, upcoming school events, and even what food places are open when on campus. This app is essential for figuring out what shuttle to take to pick up some groceries from Target or Acme or where you can grab some food after a long evening in the library finishing a paper.

2. Starbucks App

Rushing from a meeting during free period to class and need some coffee? Stopping at Starbucks can add at least another 10 minutes onto your commute because of long lines, but with the Starbucks app, you can eliminate that stress. Just set the location on the app to our campus Starbucks and place your order. It will be there waiting when you arrive. Now you can grab your PSL and make it to class in Bellarmine on time.


3. Uber

Freshmen and Sophomores are not allowed to have cars on campus so ride sharing apps are the way to get around where the shuttle does not go. After a simple registration using a debit or credit card,  Uber is a fast way to get around the Philadelphia area. Freshman student, Kirsten Threlfall said, “I was worried coming into freshman year that I wouldn’t have any way of getting to the grocery store or target, but an upperclassmen told me to get the Uber app and it was the best decision I made. My friends and I use it all the time on the weekends to get around Philly.”

4. Quizlet


Never worry about losing your flashcards before your big Bio midterm again. Instead of using regular flashcards and writing everything by hand, you can type all the information into Quizlet. The app can be used to study multiple ways. You can click through flashcards by virtually flipping them as you normally would if they were paper, or you can play games with the terms on your flashcards. You can even take a generated test with the key terms you input. Consider your midterm aced.

5. Venmo


Never worry about having to pay someone back again with the Venmo app. Venmo is an app that you can quickly use to transfer funds. All you have to do is link your debit or credit card to your account. Whenever you need to send someone money you just type in the amount and Venmo transfers it from your card to theirs. You can even send someone a quick reminder on Venmo, if they forget to pay you back by sending a request instead of asking them in person. You’ll never have to worry about splitting costs again.  Senior student, Mary Wydro said, “Living off campus, as a Junior and now Senior, using venmo has made paying rent super easy for me and my roommates.”

 6. Go Puff

Running out of snacks or toiletries in your dorm or house isn’t fun. But now using go puff will limit all the walking you have to do. Go puff is an app where you can orders snacks, soda, toiletries, and much more and it will be delivered right to you within 30 minutes. All you have to do is add the items to your cart, pay, and you will receive your items right away (with just a $1.95 delivery fee). No more late night trips to the POD for Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s!

With these apps downloaded and ready to go, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips for your four years on campus.

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