Starbucks and Einstein’s are a couple of the coffee shops located on Saint Joseph’s University campus. At these places, you can get your staple pumpkin spice lattes, frappuccinos, coffees, and smoothies, that Campion can’t beat.

The fresh drinks

One thing these two places have in common is that they use a lot of fresh ingredients in their products. Fresh ingredients mean that customers are not eating anything processed. The fresh produce expires rather quickly, so the staff is typically generous when they hand out that fresh produce.

Luckily for SJU students, (not so lucky for Einstein’s or Starbucks) there is a golden hour, where the companies decide to give out these products that are not sold, for free.

The fresh cookies

This golden hour hits around closing time of the coffee shops. During a weekday, one might be lucky enough to get tossed a couple bagels or a fresh drink from the fridge, but Fridays are when you can truly hit the jackpot. Friday is the best day because the shops don’t remain open on the weekend and the products won’t last, so more food is given away.  

The lovely Einstein’s staff will start to roll around a cart on the first floor of Merion, right in front of the storefront.  To guarantee food, stop by an hour before closing. This is when they start to clean up and will get rid of the produce. Monday through Thursday, Einstein’s closes at eight and on Friday, they close at two.   

the potential ~free~ bagels

Remain calm when you see the staff.  Make sure you do not ask for the food and wait patiently for the person to come up to you. Play it cool and don’t worry, you WILL get some food.

There have been a few disappointing times in the weekdays where they have sold all their bagels and juice and have nothing to give, but Friday is pretty much a guarantee for free food.  

The same goes for Starbucks, you might be lucky and get a couple things handed out to you during the week, but Friday at closing is where it’s at.  Brooke Neal, a sophomore, came home with four fresh salads on Friday.

    “It was amazing, I had my meals all planned out for the weekend, and I didn’t spend a penny”-Brooke Neal

The potential recipients of free food


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