Taking the best instagram picture or having the most professional profile picture is crucial when presenting yourself on social media these days. Many people think that they have to bend over backwards in order to get the perfect snaps to post. They travel all over the world to make sure their picture has enough likes. What if you could just take you pictures right outside your door? I’m here to tell you the best locations to get that most liked picture!

Below, six of the best places to take a photo, either for social media or in a professional sense, are provided. A campus map is also available towards to bottom of this article, so you can be sure not to get lost when having your next photo-shoot!

1. Barbelin Hall

Barbelin Hall in the Spring. Photo Taken by Ted Dolan

Barbelin Hall is famous for its looks. Every SJU student knows how pretty it is during the sunset. But many don’t know the courtyard is the best place to take a professional photo. This spot is the perfect balance of pretty and proper, making it the best location to get that headshot.

2. Cardinal Foley

Sophomore Sam Tucker in front of the architecturally pleasing Cardinal Foley. Photo taken by Grace D’Amico.

Hard to miss on the Merion side of campus, Cardinal Foley is pleasing to the eyes and a great place for a photo-op! With all of the leading lines that end up in a picture here, all eyes are drawn towards the person in the middle.

3. Connelly Hall

Junior Ted Dolan standing by Connelly Hall. Photo taken by Emily Cuccio.

Around the corner from Merion Hall, you can find the best spot to take an instagram picture outside of Connelly Hall. The trees make for an “artsy” place and with the right camera angles. You will break records with the amount of likes you’ll get!

4. Hagan Arena Poster

Freshman Emily Cuccio and other soccer players in front of the spirited poster by Hagan Arena. Photo provided by Emily Cuccio.

Feeling competitive or have a lot of school spirit? The poster outside of Hagan Arena captures that energy and brings a great sense of athleticism to any picture. This is a great place for an instagram picture to post after a basketball game!

5. Lapsley Lane

Junior Ted Dolan walking on Lapsley Lane. Photo taken by Emily Cuccio.

With all of the greenery and historical buildings, Lapsley Lane is a historically-beautiful place to take a picture.

6. Any solid-color wall!

Freshman Jenna Danielson standing in front of a solid-colored wall for a professional headshot. Photo Taken by Grace D’Amico.

Even though there are so many perfect spots to take creative pictures, however many people are also in need of a good spot for more professional style photos. There are many places around campus that provide solid color walls and backdrops that are perfect for setting and serious and professional tone. With these places, it is so easy to get high quality photos for your work/school accounts and profiles.

Honorable mentions:

a. The Barnes Foundation

b. The Admissions Building/Lawn

c. Mandeville Lobby

The Barnes foundation, a garden arboretum owned by SJU, can provide very green and nature-esque backgrounds for any social media photograph. The Admissions building and lawn also provides comfortable, yet scenic backgrounds. The Mandeville lobby is another good spot for a professional headshot, since the walls are made out of solid wood.

Campus map including the Top 5 best places to take a photo, and three honorable mentions. Map provided by Ted Dolan.

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