Are you looking to enhance your college experience at SJU? Joining a club might be a good option. You may be thinking, “Oh, I don’t have time to participate in a club! I’m already having trouble balancing my academic responsibilities with my social life!” If you are a busy college student, looking to meet new people or expand your horizons, there are some clubs that do not require frequent participation. These clubs may not only benefit you personally, but can also be used to help others in need.

Oven Luvin’

Oven Luvin’ is perfect for students who have a passion for cooking and/or food. This club allows students to improve their cooking skills, while meeting other hawks who share the same culinary interests. This club only meets once every two weeks, so if you’re interested in learning how to make different dishes and trying new foods, Oven Luvin’ is definitely a good fit for you!

Love Your Melon

The goal of Love Your Melon is to spread awareness about pediatric cancer, to aid those who affected by it, and to assist non-profit organizations who carry the same cause. Those who are apart of the Love Your Melon Crew meet once a week, attend Love Your Melon events on campus, and are involved in making sales to fundraise money that can be donated to those affected by pediatric cancer. There are two branches of Love Your Melon: “The Crew” and “The Volunteers”. “The Volunteers” are only expected to show up when they can/whatever works with their schedule. If you are interested in the cause of this club, but have a busy schedule, you should still try to be a part of the volunteers group. If you end up really enjoying the club, you may even want to join “The Crew” later on!

Hearts of Hope

This club only meets once a month! Members of Hearts of Hope create handmade hearts of clay and write uplifting notes to people who are going through trauma and are in need of support. This club is a good fit for you if you are looking to make a positive impact on those struggling in our community.

Entrepreneurship Club

If you aspire to one day create a company or business of your own, this club will probably be very beneficial for you! This club provides its members with knowledge of how to start one’s own business and encourages members to participate in actual business settings. Members will acquire various skills, such as leadership and a strong understanding of business ethics. This club only requires members to attend different speakers’ events.


Below we created a list of more clubs that don’t require much from their members. Check our their Instagram accounts below and maybe you can be the next member of their club!



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