Are you a trivia lover? A bit of trivia on Wing Tuesday is the perfect time to enjoy a night out with some friends without having to take an Uber. Tuesdays will definitely become your favorite day of the week because of Landmark and this is why.

Photo By: Faith Prince


Music sets the mood for a night out, and good music makes the night so much better.  The DJ starts at 9:00 pm and pumps up the energy before trivia starts. It gives time for everyone to settle down, eat, drink and enjoy some music. Expect upbeat songs, so, don’t be afraid to sing to your favorite tunes out loud, nobody will judge.

Photo By: Faith Prince


Trivia is always on Tuesday and starts at 10:00 pm. So, don’t miss out! There is no fee for playing, so why not play?  Trivia makes the night more entertaining and exciting and brings some competition to the table. The beauty of trivia is that anyone can play and if you don’t know the answer just take a guess. But how does trivia really work? It consists of three rounds of questions and after each round, there are some bonus questions. After each round, the three teams with the highest scores are called out to face a random trivia question. The team that gets it right gets a $25 gift card to use at Landmark.  So, you have three chances to win a gift card! Trivia is more than just the prizes, it is a way to enjoy yourself, spend time with your friends and create memories while in college.

Photo By: Luisa Rojo


Tuesdays are not just for trivia lovers, they are for wing lovers as well. They offer wings for half the price! So, you get to save a couple of bucks while eating good food with a nice atmosphere. Don’t forget to order the wings; 5 wings only cost $3. But don’t worry, if you are not a wing lover, there are still other options of delicious food choices for everyone. The menu has everyone’s favorite foods including tacos, burgers, wraps, french fries, etc.  So, Tuesday can be a little tastier. And, the regularly priced food is pretty affordable too. The prices range from 6-15 dollars depending on what you order.

Photo By: Luisa Rojo


If you are over 21 you can also enjoy the drink specials of the day which on Tuesdays are $3.50 Blue Moon and $4 Tito’s. But if you’re not over 21, there are still many option such as juices or sodas.

Photo By: Faith Prince

Tuesdays are not to be ignored anymore. You now have a reason to look forward for Tuesday’s thanks to Landmark.  

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