What is Soul Cycle?

Soul Cycle is an indoor cycling chain known for it’s awesome instructors, loud music, and great workout.

In desperate need a study break? You should definitely consider heading to Soul Cycle to clear your mind. The 45-minute class will change your mindset and your body (cheesy, but true).


The closest Soul Cycle to campus is located in Suburban Square in Ardmore. There is free parking right across from the studio. When you walk in, you will be greeted by friendly faces who will sign you in and make sure you have everything you need to take on your class. Then, you head to the locker area and put on your cycling shoes (can be rented at Soul Cycle) and enter the room where the cycling happens.


I took my first Soul class last semester, and my life was changed. I now go to Soul Cycle once a week. The class has become essential in my weekly routine. The music, instructors, and sweat pouring down my face make the experience incredibly rewarding. Each instructor spreads positivity and powerful messages throughout each class. I always leave with the biggest smile on my face. I would highly recommend taking a class at least once before your time is up here on Hawk Hill.


Head to Soul Cycle and give “study break” a whole new meaning. You can usually find me at Soul Tuesday nights at 6:30!

Maddie Michowski 

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