Campus has changed dramatically after Covid-19 and students want to be back on campus! The ruling out of large gatherings and school-wide events has taken a toll on students. After a long week of school work, it is nice to unwind and enjoy time with your friends/roommates. Being near Philly presents itself with fun and exciting new activities to try. These include ax throwing, escape rooms, smash rooms, and many walking trails local and near to campus. Below is a more in-depth look at four great ideas on how to relax after a stressful week of classes.

  1. Axe Throwing – ASK ABOUT AX OR AXE

Bury the Hatchet in Philadelphia is a great place for someone to let off steam after a busy week at school. They have pricing for groups of 1-4 for an hour at $30.99 per person and a 2-hour session for groups of 4-10 priced at $39.99 per person. On their website, they explain that “the game of ax-throwing is a lot like darts; except you throw axes instead”. The best way to make a reservation is through their website.

Photo Credits to Andrew John @ Bury The Hatchet

Location: Bury the Hatchet, Philadelphia
Pricing: $30.99 per person
Contact: (215) 438-7999 |

“I went ax throwing with my roommates about a month ago and had a fantastic time. It was a great way for us all to forget about midterms week. We did the two-hour session in which we played multiple new games and got a lot of stress out .” – Andrew John

Transportation: The best way to get to Bury the Hatchet would be by Uber or Lyft, as this is the easiest and most direct. A cheaper option would be getting the train with SJU discounted tickets to Suburban Station and then walk 15 minutes or get a quick Uber/Lyft.

  1. Escape Room

The Escape Game at KOP has multiple rooms to escape from. They range from 2-12 people per room making it a great activity for you and your roommates. They also have a ranking of difficulty levels for different rooms. If you are off-campus this semester they now have virtual escape rooms you can do online from the comfort of your home. “At The Escape Game King of Prussia, our games open new worlds filled with exciting adventures. To complete your mission and escape in 60 minutes, you’ll need to team up, think fast, and expect the unexpected!”

Location: The Escape Game, King of Prussia
Pricing: $34.99 per person
Contact: (610) 624-8058 |

“I went to an escape room with my family in March, and we did the pirate-themed escape room. The whole activity was very fun and enjoyable, and it was a great experience to take my mind away from daily life stress such as school and work. The 60-minute escape room experience was thrilling and we escaped out of the room with only 11 minutes left on the timer!” – Kayleigh Edwards

Transportation: KOP is another place that you can get an Uber or Lyft to. It is a little expensive but driving here is the best option.

  1. Smash Room

Rage room is a new concept that has become popular in the last year or two. They have a couple of different options that include bringing your own bucket of “smashables”, or they can provide some for you. You can pick tiers depending on how long you want in a smash room and also how many buckets of “smashables” you want. Check out this news snippet of a smash room: click here.

Location: Rage Room, Philadelphia
Pricing: $25-$90
Contact: (267) 879-3637 |

Transportation: Rage room is located a little past Manayunk in Wyndmoor so taking an Uber or Lyft would be the best idea here.

  1. Trails – Towpath & Manayunk Bridge

There are 2 trails really close to Saint Joes just down City Avenue in Manayunk. The first is the Towpath and then second is over the Manayunk Bridge. Below are scenery pictures from each trail and a map of where the Manayunk Bridge trail goes.

Photo Credits to Kayleigh Edwards @ Manayunk Towpath
Photo Credits to Kayleigh Edwards @ Manayunk Bridge

A link to information about the Towpath can be found here!

A link to information about the Manayunk Bridge Trail can be found here! Below is an image of the Manayunk Bridge trail on a map and where it goes.

Manayunk Bridge Trail – 4 miles –
Manayunk Towpath – 40.8 miles –

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