Drexel Library on Saint Joseph’s University campus is probably packed with hundreds of anxious students right now, studying for their midterm exams.  

But is studying on campuses actually the best way to focus? Surrounding yourself with hundreds of on-edge college students? How much work would even get done? If Drexel Library isn’t the best place for you, don’t worry. You aren’t going to fail your midterms. Instead, think about visiting any of the places below the next time you need to get away from the craziness of college studying.


Volo Coffee – Manayunk, PA

Looking for an open space to spread out your papers, AND the world’s best almond croissant? Well stop looking because you’ve found that at Volo’s. This charming coffee house is the perfect hideaway when needing to get stuff done, while also enjoying a quick sip of caffeine. It’s a space to focus on schoolwork, but also an escape from the stress. Make the quick drive over to Manayunk and witness why studying at Volo’s will make midterms seem like a piece of cake.


Bala Cynwyd Library – Bala Cynwyd, PA

Coffee houses not your thing? No problem. Sometimes libraries really are the best places to get stuff done. However, instead of distracting yourself at Drexel Library, head over to Bala Cynwyd. This newly renovated library offers many perks including study rooms, tutors, and book discussions. Take your textbooks, find an open room, and head over to this quiet, peaceful library. (Bonus: it’s within walking distance from campus!)


Pilgrim Roasters – Manayunk, PA

Yet another Manayunk favorite, this coffee house truly is a college student’s dream. Free WiFi, natural lighting, open seating, and according to Justin on Yelp, “excellent lattes.” Located right on Main Street, Pilgrim Roasters knows what it takes to create a calming, open space. Whether you’re meeting for a group project or cranking out a paper by yourself, this quaint coffee shop is an escape from the stresses and strains of being a college student.


Ludington Library – Bryn Mawr, PA

Just not a coffee drinker? Can’t stand self proclaimed hipsters? No one’s blaming you. Instead, drive over to Ludington Library in Bryn Mawr, PA to experience what complete silence and studying looks like. Similar to Bala Cynwyd Library, Ludington offers many amenities. Some of these include meeting rooms, free WiFi, computer use, and even a green roof! About a 15 minute drive from campus, this library really proves that studying can not only be effective, but fun as well!


Green Engine Coffee – Haverford, PA

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about coffee houses. But seriously, this next place is something else. Located in Haverford, PA, Green Engine Coffee is what you’d imagine would happen if a Starbucks and a Williams Sonoma ever met. The homey decor, open floor plan, and beautiful greenery make this coffee shop feel like you’re hours away from campus. Plug in your laptop, drive 10 minutes to Haverford, and witness what it’s like to study at home – without actually being at home.


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