Katie Cirucci is a free spirit, a dancing queen, and a genuine soul. She is driven by her passions and is ready to start applying them after college. Currently, she is a senior at Saint Joseph’s University, where she is majoring in Communication Studies, and minoring in Art Therapy and English.

She loves creating art and helping others, so it was only natural for her to study subjects that allow her to pursue a career doing those things. To help prepare for her future, she interned in Human Resources at two engineering consulting firms, which focused on diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

She comes from Newtown, Pennsylvania, where she grew up with her parents and brother. Her entire family had gone to Saint Joseph’s University, so she grew up exploring the campus. Originally, she went to the University of Maryland, but she quickly realized that was not the school for her. Eventually, she transferred to Saint Joe’s and fell in love with the campus just as the rest of her family had. However, she was determined to make the experience her own. 

The transition for Katie went smoothly. She joined clubs and organizations, such as a sorority (Sigma Sigma Sigma) and the Transfer Mentor Program, where she quickly began to make friends and feel at home. One might say she found her ‘Nest’ on Hawk Hill. 

For as long as she could remember, she has been dancing and cheerleading. In fact, she taught Zumba and dance fitness classes from 2017-2020. When she got to college she decided to dedicate her time to some of her other passions. Katie loves to express herself in any way possible- through art with painting, through fashion with jewelry making, and through words with poetry. As soon as Katie walks into a room, one can tell she is a creative and kind person, set out to make a difference in the world. 

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