Nikolas Koveos is from Wayne, Pa, and from a very young age fell in love with music. He was first introduced to the keyboard at the age of 7 while playing for his local school of rock. Nik would continue with this program which allowed him to advance his talents and find his interest. The school of rock also put on shows which allowed Nik to get his first exposure to the performance side of music. Nik eventually picked up another instrument around the age of 12 which was the drums and they allowed him to build off of what he learned at the school of rock.

Nik would then go on to join a band as a drummer and by the time he was 15 he started performing. The shows with that band lasted around a year but allowed Nik to gain a lot of experience in group performance and show experience. Soon after, Nik started to look at the producing side of music and decided to learn how to make beats and mix from his laptop. Once he perfected his music-making, Nik started to try and work with local artists and rappers. Nik still continues to play the drums the most but is also learning the guitar. Since Covid has slowed down Nik is now looking for more bands to join and performance opportunities.

His hope for his band is to have rock and indie vibes and is what he is primarily focusing on for now. One performance he will never forget is when he performed at the Trocadero with his first band. The Trocadero has since closed down due to covid, which made that performance that much more special since it is an experience that can never be replicated or forgotten.  

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