Emily Kmiec


Emily Kmiec is a Sophomore currently attending Saint Joseph’s University with a major in Psychology along with an Art Therapy minor.

Her hometown is Chesterfield, New Jersey, about 50 minutes away from SJU. She attended Notre Dame High School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Emily partook in multiple activities throughout High School, such as stage crew for the school’s musicals, cheerleading, and a few outreach-based clubs. She then decided to further her education at Saint Joseph’s University because of the location, lovable atmosphere, and the kind people.

When choosing her psychology major, she took plenty of time to reflect on her past interests and get in tune with what she believed she would excel in and enjoy doing everyday.

Beyond that, she added an Art Therapy minor in order to include her interest in art into her major, although she has yet to decide where this major and minor will take her after graduation.

She also has some interests outside of the classroom. She enjoys hiking and spending lots of time outdoors, leading to her fervent enthusiasm about our environment. She is considering adding an Environmental Science minor to help allow her to aid the environment better, either as a career or a hobby.

Photography is another passion of hers outside of the classroom, specifically portraits and images of nature.
So far, her favorite memory has been enjoying a multitude of Chinese food from Philadelphia’s Chinatown while enjoying the weekly rugby games with her friends.

She looks forward to an easier ride as time goes on, so she can experience college to its fullest potential as COVID-19 continues to fade away. She would like to join more of her school’s outreach programs and/or become a Resident Advisor, in order to help her follow her passion of helping both the Earth and those she cares about.

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