Within the first two weeks of second semester your bank account, which once seemed full, is now almost down to $0.00. The only question is how does a full time college student find a job that does not take up a lot of time, and can still fit in with their class schedule. Babysitting is the perfect job for college students. The hours are flexible, and often times it is not every single day which makes it a great job to make some money to spend on the weekends, or save. As this sounds great and all, the next question is where does one find a babysitting job remotely near campus? There are actually a couple options.

Picture from SJU.edu the nest

A lot of students are unaware of the job listing section on the nest website. To get to this, go to the nest and on the left hand side where it says “NESTLIST” there are jobs listed. Usually some of the jobs listed, are babysitting. Sometimes they are listed for a professors’ kids or from another student who is unable to continue their current babysitting job and are trying to pass it on to someone else. The convenience with these babysitting jobs is that they are usually for families that have had Saint Joseph’s University students work for them before therefore, they understand the college schedule.

The other option is to sign up for care.com. This is more specific, you can pick your location, whether or not you have a car, the hours and days you would be available, and how many kids you would be willing to babysit for. A lot of my friends have used this website and found families they love working for about three days in a week.

Both these options are extremely helpful, and especially with care.com where you can make it very specific to your schedule. Babysitting is a very convenient way of making some money without really interfering with your academics or social life.

-Danielle Bunten

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