What is the root of your stress today?

How often do you hear that little voice in your head nagging you about this stress?

What have you done to relieve yourself of this stress?

What would happen if you dropped this stress from your life?

Is this stress affecting anyone else in your life?

What traits would you use to describe yourself?

How much do you want to spend on helping yourself?

What Color is Your Stress?

Crimson means you can afford some time to quietly reflect and center in on the positive aspects of your life. It's cheap, simple, and let's you focus on yourself before or after a stress-inducing situation. What I recommend? -Prana House Yoga II Main Line Healing Arts Center ($10 drop-in rate) -Acupuncture -Guided Meditation (Try "The Honest Guys" on YouTube!) -Getting lost in music or art can help encourage good vibes!

Orange calls you for an all-day excursion. Stat. I recommend some deep-stretching in the early morning to center yourself, then a trip out into the city to explore! What I Recommend? -Kaya Aerial Yoga (it's a 10-minute walk from South Street!) -South Street (duh) -The Philadelphia Museum of Art (or the Philly Art Tour!)

This sunshine-color indicates that you might need to talk to someone for further guidance. There might be some underlying issues that are bubbling inside that need to rise to the surface. What I Recommend: -CAPS (The counselors are so nice! And you get to have a meeting before you commit.) -CAPS group (they're more informal and sociable) -Campus Ministry (or try your local place of worship!)

Springtime Green means you legitimately do not have much time, but you have also forgotten to treat yourself for all of your hard work! Taking an hour or two to rejuvenate, treat your taste buds to a delicious meal, extra sleep, or making time for fun is just what the doctor ordered. What I Recommend: -Treat yourself to a special Campion dessert (check out our "Tastes" articles for more information!) -Go eat out with your friends! (My favorite local eateries are Asian Fusion and Honeygrow) -SUB Events (they're only an hour or two, and there's almost always free food!)

Wink, wink. We both know why you're here. Sorry, sweetie, but it's time to stop procrastinating. It's hard to hear, but it's about time you wrangled that monster in your closet. Take this one step at a time instead of overwhelming yourself, and you'll feel much better once some of this is out of the way. What I Recommend: -Classical music to tune out distractions (or other instrumentalists from YouTube for a modern flair!) -A healthy snack on hand to treat yourself! -Fun and quick exercise routines to keep yourself limber and healthy while you're attacking your stress head-on.
Sky Blue

Sky Blue indicates that you're working yourself to the bone! While there may be a lot of work to do (and more to come), it's important to recognize yourself as a priority and dedicate time to your health. The doctor prescribes at least 7 hours of sleep (or some extra power-naps) and a healthier diet. Don't forget to carry around a water bottle and stay hydrated! A healthier you means a more productive you too. What I Recommend: -Drop or relegate one of your tasks to allow more time for yourself -Grab your planner and mark out 30 minutes to 1 hour of time in your day. -Try the Sweeney Field Workouts from our "Self" section! Sometimes you feel sluggish and blue because you haven't had enough sunshine and exercise.

Lilac means that you need a spa day. Didn't expect that, did you? Well, sometimes it's just best to dedicate a whole day to you, yourself, y tú! (That's Spanish for "you.") Spruce up your body with a facial or a massage, or both! Treat yourself to what you know your temple (body) needs, and let the effects wash over you. What I Recommend: -Terme Di Aroma offers a vast range of treatments and prices. -Buy some face masks or products from LUSH! It's all natural goodness that your skin will thank you for. -Check out the Saint Joseph's University site for massage options at the gym

Maroon is the color for getting more physical exercise in your life. And if you're already hitting the gym every day? Maybe try a new class! Invigorating the body is just as important as cultivating the mind; so let's pump out some endorphins, jack up the dopamine, and take a jog out in the sunshine. What I Recommend: -Estilo Dance Studio is perfect for Latin American dances, Hip-Hop, and Zumba -Check out the O'Pake site for a humungous list of classes! -3 Words: American Ninja Warrior (iCore has an official gym!)

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