1. Dunkin’ Donuts (only city avenue location)

At the city avenue location Saint Joseph’s University students get 10% off any Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Nothing goes better than a coffee and a college student. Even though 10% doesn’t seem like a lot if you buy at least one coffee a day that 10% can add up and save you a lot of money. This discount is one that is not to be missed.

photo provided by Dunkin’ Donuts
  1. Francesca’s

Save 10% at this fabulous boutique while showing your Student ID at check out. Francesca’s closest location to Hawk Hill is just a short drive away in Suburban Square. Not to mention they are always running some sort of sale/deal.

photo provided by Francesca’s
  1. J.Crew

All students get 15% off purchase when showing their school ID. This is a great deal considering how nice quality products J.Crew sells. This is one of the best deals yet. Not to mention while you stop at Francesca’s, J.Crew has a location in Suburban Square as well so you can not only get great deals but make a day out of shopping.

Photo provided by J. Crew
  1. Apple

All Apple stores, online as well, offer discounted prices for college students. Just for having a school ID you will be able to get up to $200 off a new MacBook. Normally when you purchase around certain times they will throw in a gift with your purchase. The closest Apple Store to Saint Joseph’s University is in Suburban Square.

photo provided by Apple
  1. Chipotle

When you buy a meal, you will get a free small drink when you show them your school ID. This gives you a reason to go out for dinner occasionally and you’ll be saving money. Also, you won’t even need a car to get to this location, the Chipotle on City Avenue is a stop of the school shuttle.

Photo provided by Chipotle

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