Some people may preach the idea of self-care and others may not even recognize what self-care encompasses. Self-care, by definition, is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated. Simplified, self-care is taking care of your own personal features to improve certain aspects of one’s self. Females in today’s world use self-care in order to enhance their features physically and to make them feel more confident mentally. By using products such as nail polish, chapstick, body lotion, and face masks it allows them to add different dimensions to their appearance that naturally are unattainable. Fall time is an important time to take care of yourself, the tan starts to fade away and with the change in weather it can cause hair and skin to turn messy and rough. Therefore, self-care allows for these setbacks to diminish and confidence to be restored. Keep your look and self-esteem fresh with our favorite products this fall!


  1. Nail Polish

As winter approaches and nails begin to deteriorate and become ridged, nail polish helps get rid of these factors. Not only is nail polish used for appearance, it is also a confidence booster to many girls adding to a sense of identity. You can tell a lot about a girl through the color of their fingernails believe it or not. Typically, girls who paint their fingernails also tend to paint their toenails the same color. Taking care of body parts such as your hands and feet shows that your care about your appearance not only for others but for yourself as well. With that being said, there are specific colors of nail polish that suit the fall theme very well:

2. Chapstick

In the fall when temperatures start dropping and cold winds pick up hitting our faces, our lips begin to get dry and all chapped up. Many may argue that alongside the wheel, chapstick is the greatest invention ever. Nobody likes having crusty and flakey lips. Not only does it hurt, but it also may prevent that special guy/girl you have a crush on from giving you that kiss you so desperately desire. But really, all jokes aside, nobody likes having chapped lips. Not only does chapstick supply a nice feeling, the scent that certain chapsticks give off can be highly addictive, talking from personal experience. I have heard from many people that chapstick is like coffee to them, they need it everyday not just once but multiple times throughout the day.

For fall flavor:

For moisture:

3. Body Lotion

As fall time approaches skin gets dry, it is inevitable. Body lotion is the savior for many girls and even guys during this time period. Skin becomes rough and dry and can cause insecurity among girls, nobody likes having rough dry skin. Feeling your skin and realizing that it is smooth can be a huge confidence booster, and trust me others will notice it as well. Not only does it make your skin feel like a baby’s butt, but it also makes it smell amazing… if you are into smelling good… which should be everyone. There is nothing more attractive than walking by someone and getting a whiff of cocoa butter. The motto: smell good, feel good, look good.


For fall scent:

For moisture:


4. Face Masks

What do face masks do other than make you look like a monster from a horror movie? They make your face smooth and help get rid of the dirt that pores trap. Fall time is prime time for breakouts because of the sudden change in weather and dry skin, face masks help to diminish these effects. When talking to someone they tend to look at your face first and that continues throughout the entire interaction. Breaking out can really destroy someone’s confidence, therefore face masks are essential for increasing confidence and self love. Those few moments of looking like Frankenstein will be worth it in the end, trust me ladies and even gentlemen.


For fall:

For moisture:

For Guys:

   Taking care of your body can do wonders not only for your appearance but also for your confidence. It’s important to practice self-care because it in return helps one to learn about self-love. Even though this may seem directed to help girls get through the struggles that fall time hits us with, fellas, there is nothing wrong with some self care once in a while. Although, being a guy, I would avoid the whole nail polish section.


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