Are you the type of person who double checks to make sure your doors are locked at night? Maybe the better question is, does that truly matter? Maybe you’ve never considered this, but there could be a possibility of a non-human entity inhabiting an area near you. Let’s introduce you to some SJU students with their own paranormal stories to tell.

Katherine Cook, Photographed by Caitlyn Amadeo

Katherine Cook recounted her experience to us:

“One day, we were all sitting in my room, me, my roommate and my friend. And the lights were off and we were napping. All of the sudden, my drawer opens and NOBODY touched it. Then, as we were lying down half asleep, my friend’s computer turned on, and the speaker turned on at the SAME TIME! It was so scary.”

Could this be an awkward coincidence? It’s highly unlikely. There’s something eerie about this experience.

Photographed by Caitlyn Amadeo
Ariana Valano, Photographed by Caitlyn Amadeo

Ariana Varano shared a story with us as well:

“My name is Ariana Varano, and I believe in ghosts. I used to have a summer house in Peconic, Long Island and it was very very old…There was a family that lived there before us and no one knows what happened; they kind of just disappeared one day. And there was always these writings on our barn doors…documentations about things about the house. My mother and my sister used to always see ghosts walking around the house at night. They would describe the ghosts to each other, and their descriptions would be exactly the same. So it was really creepy. And then one day, we were in the attic, and we found this box and inside this box was locks of the girl’s hair, and journals and a picture. And the picture of the girls in the photo were the same girls my mom and my sister were seeing walking around the house.”

Here’s where it gets hard to deny. When one person claims to see ghosts, it’s easy to disregard but when there’s two different people describing the same spirits, speculation starts to become belief.  

Marc Cozzarelli, Photographed by Caitlyn Amadeo

Mark Cozzarelli adds to this belief by describing to us his stories:

“My name is Mark and I believe in ghosts because my uncle, who’s an architect, went to a church basement to fix something and he saw a guy that looked like a ghost and when he came up to speak to people who worked for the church and he told them that he saw someone down here, they told him that he is a ghost that a lot of people see.

I have another story to tell. One of my friends went to an insane asylum that was abandoned with his friends and they were exploring through there and when he came back home, he took off his shirt and found a bunch of scratches on his back that he didn’t have when he went.”

Hearing just one story might not be what makes you a believer in these haunted vessels, but when you hear numerous stories coming from people who have their own personal experience as well as having stories to share from others, it makes the mysterious unknown become a daunting reality that we must no longer ignore.

In other words, locking your doors is fine, but you should always be alert and aware. You just never know.

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