Stress is no way a new concept to the average SJU student. We stress over lots of things like, schoolwork, getting a job after graduation, what Campion is serving tonight… you get the point! But I think we can all agree that the main thing we’ve been worrying about lately is the Coronavirus. While at home, you may find yourself repeatedly stressing over and wondering, when will this whole pandemic business end? During a time when we’re all stuck inside, our mental health can deteriorate, leaving us to spiral into a whirlpool of anxiety. It is now more important than ever to check up with yourself and maintain the best mindset possible given our current situation. One way in which you can implement time for mental health into your quarantine routine is through the apps – Headspace, Daylio, and Zombie, Run. 


Headspace is a mental health app that emphasizes everyday mindfulness and meditation.  Advertising as a way to implement good mental health with just three minutes a day, it is the perfect app to kickstart your mental health quarantine routine. Headspace contains a wide variety of meditations geared towards any need you may have. Some of their meditation selections include topics such as, stress, anxiety, sleep, focus, fitness, and more. The app also allows you to track your progress and enable daily reminders onto your device. A free trial of 2 weeks is given to users and a monthly subscription is $12.99 per month. Alternatively, a user can also pay $95 annually which works out to be about $8 a month. However, if you’re not ready to commit to the app entirely, just do what I do and reuse the app’s basic mediation courses for free! Overall, Headspace is an awesome app that can be used to easily make time for your mental health without having to go out of your way to do so.

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Daylio is a private journaling app that allows you to document your daily thoughts and feelings without having to actually write them. Through Daylio you can pick your mood of the day and add activities that you have done. The app is truly customizable, allowing you to pick what you want to document from a list of topics named – social, hobbies, sleep, food, health, better me, and chores. Daylio is unique because it takes what emotions and activities you log, and provides you with statistics regarding that information. This allows you to further reflect on what emotions and activities you have been doing and therefore stay productive while doing them. Furthermore, If writing out your feelings old-school is more your thing, the app has that option as well. Daylio’s free version is more than efficient when implementing good mental health activities into your routine. However, if you grow to love Daylio, a monthly subscription is  $2.99, and an annual subscription is $23.99 both including a 7 day free trial. Documenting how you feel day to day and what you do is an excellent way to check in with one’s mental health. Doing this with Daylio can not only ensure your success but make it fun whilst doing so.

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Zombie, Run:

Zombie, Run is a free running app that places you into a post apocalypse zombie narrative. Zombie, Run encourages and keeps you working out daily by making it seem as if you are a character in the apocalypse running from zombies. While you run, the app briefly explains your “mission of the day” and then goes throughout the narrative according to where you are within the workout as well as your speed while doing so. You can also connect the app to your preferred music outlet and have it play your favorite jams in between the narration. The app tracks your progress and encourages you by awarding you with supplies to build your virtual base at the end of each workout. Zombie, Run has over one million players, making it the biggest smartphone fitness game ever. With over 200 missions and an award winning narrative, the app is sure to keep you motivated and constant with your workout routine. Running not your thing? That’s okay too! Zombie, Run is also compatible with walking and biking, giving you no excuse to enjoy some fresh air during quarantine. 

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