As we stroll into the end of the Spring semester, stress levels always seem to spike and overall mental health for students tends to struggle now more than ever during finals. Life during the pandemic has been ruff and it hasn’t helped this recurring situation either. Are you stressed out? Feeling lonely? Consider adopting a dog, human’s best friend!

Photo Courtesy of Ashley McBride. Charlotte modeling for the camera on a beautiful sunny day.

Not only will dogs keep you company, but they can provide you with various benefits towards your mental and physical health! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dogs can promote an active lifestyle, provide companionship, and influence social as well as emotional support. Additionally, dogs are known to help relieve anxiety and stress. The CDC also claims that 38% of households in the United States have at least one dog.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley McBride. Yoda taking a scroll at the park.

Although dogs can be very healthy and provide benefits to their owners, it’s important to take preventative measures for yourself and your dog as well. This means cleaning your hands every time you deal with anything relating to your fluffy friend. Likewise it’s important to take the right steps to keeping your dog healthy so that they can keep you feeling good too!

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Nwele. Chanel resting after enjoying a long game of fetch and hydrating on water

This includes taking them for check ups at a veterinarian, making sure they are vaccinated, feeding them their recommended food and avoid giving them human food, giving them a safe and warm environment to live in, and keeping them in shape. Remember that by helping them live longer, they will help you live longer as well!

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