From fresh guacamole to spicy enchiladas, mexican cuisine is loved by many. Are you looking for a dinner night out with friends or a significant other? Look no further because this article will be giving all the details on the three mexican restaurants located in Manayunk, Philadelphia to satisfy your desire!

Taqueria Armor   

Photo Credits @ Lewis Phillips/ Taqueria Restaurant Entrance

Taqueria Amor, or previously known as Taqueria Feliz, is a fun and vibrant mexican restaurant located right on Main St in Manayunk after you enter the town. Taqueria offers a variety of delicious options including multiple variations of guacamoles & salsas, quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and even mexican styled burgers. The extensive menu offering is pretty impressive.  The quality of the food was also pretty impressive, everything I ordered was delicious and I overall had no real complaints. The best part about Taqueria Amor would have to be the atmosphere. Neon colored walls, signs, and an authentic mexican feeling. The pricing is average, you pay for the quality of food you are receiving therefore it’s reasonably priced at roughly $10-$20 per entree.

Cactus Cantina

Photo Credits @ Lewis Phillips/ Cactus Restaurant Entrance

Cactus Cantina is located on Main St in Manayunk, right next to The Couch Tomato and the Manayunk Tavern. Cactus is a small, walk-in restaurant that offers a variety of mexican plates. The location is the smallest out of the other restaurantes on the list. They have a decent sized menu with various options for each selection. They offer tapas, enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, and sandwiches. The quality of the food, in my opinion, is lacking. Compared to the other options in Manayunk, Cactus would not be my first choice. Although the quality of the food is not spectacular, the pricing is very reasonable with almost every entree being less than $10 with a few exceptions. The atmosphere is a little bland and quiet. Overall, cactus is a good option if you’re on-the-go and want a cheap and quick meal. 

La Roca  

Photo Credits @ Lewis Phillips/ La Roca Restaurant Entrance

La Roca is a very popular mexican restaurant, located on the other end of Main St. There has been a long history of SJU students coming to this restaurant either to grab a yummy margarita (21+) or delicious food. La Roca has 3 levels to it, and even a beautifully decorated outside patio for days when it’s warmer. The menu offerings are pretty basic when it comes to mexican cuisine offerings including appetizers, tacos, burritos, and entrees. They offer one type of quesadilla, 3 types of enchiladas, and two types of fajitas. The quality of the food is average for a mexican restaurant and their pricing is also very affordable. Most entrees are around $10. The atmosphere of La Roca is upbeat and exciting, and you’re sure to run into fellow hawks. Overall, La Roca is a great place to go.

Overall Restaurant Rankings

  1. Taqueria Amor

Food: 9/10

Atmosphere: 10/10

Pricing: 7/10

  1. La Roca

Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Pricing: 9/10

  1. Cactus Cantina

Food: 5/10

Atmosphere: 4/10

Pricing: 10/10

Transportation from Campus to Manayunk

If you are in need of transportation, it’s a quick ride on bus 65 which picks up right on the corner of City Avenue & Cardinal Avenue and drops off in Manayunk on the corner of Ridge Ave & Manayunk Ave. A brief walk down to Main St will allow you to arrive at all of these restaurants! Other options include hitching a ride with a friend, or using Uber / Lyft. Prices vary on time of day, but an average price ranges from $10-$25 one way. I hope to see you at one of these restaurants soon! 

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