It’s finally November! A month of many wonderful things. It is fall hoodie weather, the leaves are turning to beautiful warm colors, and of course one of the best holidays of the year is right around the corner, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for lots of turkeys, stuffing, and all our favorite dishes. However, it should also be a time to show humility to appreciate one another. We sometimes lose focus on what’s truly important. This is one of days in the year that forces us to take the spotlight off of ourselves. Instead, we direct attention on the bigger picture, the great people and things around us. So we must remember to be appreciative, and in the words of Kendrick Lamar, “be humble.”

Humble. Photo by Taicha Morin.

Humility is an important characteristic for a person to have. It is defined as the ability to express modesty, and be free of pride and arrogance. Here at Saint Joe’s, students are constantly being told to follow the Jesuit principle of the magis, and “live greater”. Part of this principle is engaging in activities that endorse qualities like humility. When we live in a society that seems to be all about me, myself, and I, this can be a difficult quality to demonstrate.

Sit down. Photo by Taicha Morin.

It is important to realize that we aren’t the center of the universe.  We aren’t better than anyone else, no matter our social status, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. We are all human beings. It takes humility to understand that everything isn’t about ourselves. When we come to this realization, it allows us to better appreciate the people around us. It takes humility to grow and learn. So when we are stuck in the mindset of self absorption, we stunt our growth.

Growth. Photo by Taicha Morin.

This Thanksgiving, we ask that you take a step back. Get out of me, myself, and I, because the people around you have a lot of knowledge and life experiences to offer you. These experiences and knowledge are what will allow you to grow as a student and as a person. Saint Joe’s is always offering different ways for students to stay true to the Jesuit tradition of service and the declaration of the magis to “live greater”. From service learning courses to service-oriented trips like APEX, Saint Joe’s students have so many ways to gain life experience and express some humility. If you truly want to grow to be a better person it’s so important to step back and focus on what you can do to help others. Let this article challenge you to act on Kendrick’s words, and “sit down, hold up, be humble”, not only on Thanksgiving but every day of your life.


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