Stressed about class registration because you got a bad pick time? Don’t have the grades you wanted? Don’t worry because we have 3 tips to help you keep sane during the middle of the semester.

Class registration

If you didn’t end up with the class you wanted, then sign up for the waiting list for the class. Also, personally email the professor because that will show that you’re very interested in the class. If you don’t end up in the class you wanted after signing up for the waiting list, go talk to the chair of the department of that class. He/she could override it. If that does not work, don’t worry because everyone goes through this and everyone has had to take a class they didn’t want. Another tip is to utilize the Haub Advising Center and the CAS Advising Center.      


We know that midterms are extremely stressful and that you may not have gotten the grade you wanted on the exam. But don’t worry about it too much because you can go to your professor’s office hours and talk with him/her to see what can be done about your grade. Having a one-on-one with your professor is very helpful because he/she will know that you’re trying to succeed in that class and that you’re interested. Also, if you don’t participate much in the class going to office hours could count as participation and the professor could consider it in your final grade. Professors don’t like to see their students fail, so he/she could give you extra credit to help you out!


Photo taken by John Lutz.

It’s the middle of the semester and we know it could be stressful, but take a break! Go to the city with your friends and have a good time. Also, Thanksgiving Break is only two weeks away! Relax and go see your family and enjoy good food from home. We know that college is not easy and you may not have the grades you wanted, but you could go to CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) to talk to someone and see how they can help with what you’re going through.


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