With reading day only a month away, and beach season right around the corner, you can feel the excitement for the end of the year. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready for summer, especially in the beach body department. Don’t worry though, it’s not too late to get yourself to where you want to be for #summer17!

Tip 1: Stop buying and eating entire pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

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Look, I get it. There’s nothing better than coming home with a nice frosty pint, parking yourself on the couch, and watching more HGTV than any normal human could possibly tolerate. To my great dismay however, I have recently been informed that this is not a good way to prepare one’s body for the beach.

Tip 2: You actually have to go to the gym

Photo by Keith Banquer

Walking into the Planet Fitness locker room, taking some pictures in that sweet lighting, and doing 20 minutes of the lightest workout ever conceived is about as effective at attaining your goal as doing nothing at all. The cruel reality that working out and getting results from those workouts is a sick, sick joke, and a very inconvenient reality.

Tip 3: Alcohol has calories

An average mixed drink has somewhere around 200-250 calories. Four drinks can be over a thousand calories. Vodka & water tastes good, right??

Tip 4: Accept mediocrity

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Quite possibly the quintessential part of any summer-shred diet, is the point at which all self-control and discipline flies out the window, and your will to continue a healthy lifestyle is gone. At the very least, it seems to be where all of my healthy endeavors end up…


-Keith Banquer

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