Looking for Your Soulmate?

As everyone knows, college is the time when you should be finding your soulmate. And we’re here to help you locate where they’re hiding… in plain sight.

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Top Four Classes You Should Be Looking:

4. Theology 

Although usually a lecture based class, Theology can be a good class to locate potential soulmates. Especially since the discussion topic is religion and you could potentially pinpoint someone with similar beliefs to yours. Additionally, it makes it quite easy to notice the cynical, atheist and steer very clear of them.


3. English 

With Shakespearean themes of love flying through the air, English is a close third on the list. While the romantic atmosphere might suggest a perfect time for finding your partner in crime for life, English is third because it is usually a lecture based class. This means that although you may be able to espy potential soulmates, there’s very little time to get to know and evaluate them…


2. Biology 

The second best class for finding a soulmate is biology. Themes of procreation swirling through the air make biology quite a, how should can I put this, high tension atmosphere. To say the least. Additionally, biology has is lecture and lab based. This means that once a week for an hour and a half, you work with the same person over and over again. So hopefully, with a bit of luck, you will be paired with someone smart and agreeable. And a special connection will develop between you two… Or not.


1. Chemistry 

Chemistry is easily the best place to find a soulmate. Because of it’s intense nature, chemistry is the perfect class to ask a potential soulmate for “extra tutoring help” or for a “late night library meetup”. Additionally, chemistry is lecture and lab based. Your potential soulmate could even be your lab partner for the semester! It is essential to be on the lookout in chemistry, as your potential mate probably has their ion you…


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