Missing an exam or failing a class is every college students worst nightmare. Watch these brave SJU students reflect on the horrors they went through during midterm season:

You failed your midterm. You haven’t been showing up to class. You feel like there is no way to bounce back. But midterm season is also recovery season.

Here are 5 steps to help finish the semester strong (or at least pass):

1. Get organized.

It may be mid-semester, but for you, it’s a fresh start. Take a step back to realize where your priorities have been. Are you partying every night? Not setting enough alarms? Is a certain club or activity is taking up too much time?

If you struggle with missing assignments, write down in your personal calendar when everything is due and set reminders in your phone. If you struggle with attending class, set multiple alarms or if your roommate is up, then tell them to wake you up as well.

2. Talk to your professors.

Yes, you may be scared to see your professor, especially if you haven’t been attending class or doing the assignments. But most professors want to see you succeed.

Go to office hours, make an appointment, ask questions in class. They care more that you are trying to understand the material rather than getting it right away.

Some professors will even adjust your grade or give extra credit at the end of the semester if you proved to them that you put in the effort.

3. Use the resources SJU offers.

SJU wants all students to succeed and learn as much as possible. Peer tutoring through the Office of Learning Resources, located in Bellarmine G10, is offered to all students for FREE. The Office of Learning Resources also offers Supplemental Instruction programs for most general education courses.

Study groups and help from friends can be useful, as well as finding that silent cubicle on the third floor of the library.

Figure out what resources would help you to raise your grade and then push yourself to take advantage of them.

4. Know yourself.

Do you ever use your laptop to take notes and end up getting distracted? Try switching to a notebook so you can stay focused. Maybe you need to dedicate more time to studying, or studying alone rather than in a group.

5. Relax.

Take a deep breath, because stressing about raising your grades right away probably won’t help at all. Don’t overwork yourself in the effort to increase your grade as quickly as possible.

Don’t let a bad set of midterm grades keep you from excelling during finals. Follow these tips to help you finish the semester strong.

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