Being stuck in bed fighting a cold this weekend, I do the things that I do best. Sleeping, and watching my favorite influencers on YouTube.

While binge watching many sponsored videos from these influencers, I couldn’t help but question. What makes these brands reach out to these so called influencers? What does it take to be on the PR list? And what is the science behind it? I have decided to put these thoughts to rest and research more about it.

According to writer Brent Barnes of, “More and more brands connect with nano influencers (followers of a smaller audience) representing accounts with only a couple thousand followers. Smaller audiences are more meaningful and engaged versus an “influencer” thats just chasing “Likes” and brand deals for the sake of it.”

This really caught me by surprise. To me, I would only think that these brands only seem to look at influencers of a big target audience and only want their brand to be known and seen by the influence of a social media star of a high follower ranking. Therefore, it seems that these marketers only want to build these relationships with influencers of a small and tight knit community and “whether or not their audience is meaningful to the brand itself.” (Brent Barnhard).

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