Happy Fall Break, Hawks! Students at Saint Joseph’s are some of the lucky few that have off for Columbus Day. Needless to say, these few days are anticipated and longed for even from the very first week of classes. You’ve probably found yourself mid-breakdown, trying to study for an exam, asking your roommate, “Is is fall break yet?” It has finally arrived and we all have very specific plans, whether it be traveling to visit friends or simply taking a few days to catch up on school work or sleep. We set all of these goals and expect to be productive during our much needed days off, promising ourselves we will actually do it all. We get caught up in the hype of fall break and, let’s be honest, end up doing none of those things we said we were going to. It never, ever goes as planned. In fact, we end up doing the very antithesis of what we plan!

Here are just a few of those things we swear we will accomplish or look forward to over fall break and what those anticipations actually turn into…

The first down side to fall break is that you either still have a TON of assignments due when you get back or have midterms as soon as you return to campus. Even if you don’t have assignments due right away, you promise yourself you’ll get some work done early to start the second half of the semester fresh and stress-free.

But you’re absolutely exhausted from all those all-nighters you pulled the past 6 weeks to get work done and you deserve to treat yourself to a nap (or 7). It’s not due quite yet, anyway….

Most people’s fall break consists of one major plan: to sleep. This is our chance to not stress about assignments and get our full 8 hours at night. Then we’ll be rejuvenated upon our return to Hawk Hill and be ready to tackle the rest of the semester!










However, we missed so much Netflix amongst all of that work and haven’t binge-watched in forever. We promise ourselves we’ll only watch an episode or two, and suddenly its four in the morning and we’ve gotten even less sleep than we would have at school.

You SWEAR you will not let your daily routine slip during fall break, which means you still have to exercise every day.










Yet the moment you step outside…

Oh well, the point is to take a break, right? A couple days off won’t hurt.

It’s finally fall, and we all know what that means: cute, fall apple-picking photos! What better time to enjoy such leisure and show off how much fun you’re having than during fall break?










…until you actually go apple-picking and your photos come out absolutely terribly and are not at all Instagram-worthy. So much for bragging about your actually event less fall break.










One thing that makes us so happy we could cry is getting to ditch Campion food for a few days and eat home-cooked meals every single night!

It’s too bad mom gets tired of cooking by the second day and you’re soon home alone eating Oreos for dinner.

It’s not too late to change these unfortunate realities of fall break! Hopefully, you use this article as inspiration to stick to your goals and prove us wrong.

Even if they do happen to you, don’t sweat it and own it. Enjoy your time at home and with your family. This is your time to take – you guessed it- a break; make it what you want, even if that means doing absolutely nothing productive for four days straight besides finishing 3 different shows on Netflix. You deserve it! Do whatever you need to do to be mentally prepared come back to Saint Joe’s and end the semester with a bang!

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