BEEP BEEP! that is the sound that many McShain student residents hear as there getting up in the morning. The problem we are discussing deals with the lack of parking on campus. Upper class students say the parking is so difficult and parking spots are packed so easily during the week. Sometimes students are so desperate for a spot, they park inside the middle of a bush inside the parking lots of Merion Hall and McShain. How can this problem be resolved?

This parking problem is not something that is new and has been an issue for nearly five years when Saint Joseph’s University bought the property on Lower Merion Township for classes. Students are required to purchase student parking pass which costs nearly $80.00 to park on the campus. Rising SJU Junior Mark Franz, who lives nearby at off campus housing near 47th street stated, “sometimes it can take 20 minutes just to go five blocks for school. Traffic on City Ave. is crazy and the parking situation does not make commuting to school any easier. ”


Photo Credit: planetizen

Many students stated that leaving home early is key to  make sure you leave yourself enough time in the morning. For students like Mark making a left from City Ave onto 54th street by Lannon Hall and Mandeville Hall, it can be quite frustrating during the weekday morning commute to school.

I think the St. Joseph’s University Administration should think of building more parking lots because it’s safer for students. Students don’t mind paying for parking but the problem is that there is no guaranteed parking space on campus property which angers them. Walking many blocks from the campus is not the safest bet at night. It’s a safer solution to have a car.

Matt DeLeo


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