SJU Takes On The Election

The 2020 presidential election is one of the most important elections in the history of our lifetime. Given our recent poll activity we saw that the majority of our respondents voted in the election and more than half were first-time voters! Making your voice heard is now more important than ever and there is no better way to do that than to put your voice to the vote. Saint Joseph’s recognized just how important this election was and truly turned up for the student body. 

Photo courtesy: Maggie Flaherty ’22

Saint Joseph’s had offered transportation to the polls, prayer, a student life election table, and stress awareness day programming. Learn more about Saint Joseph’s commitment to civic engagement during the election season, here

On November 3rd, people posed with their “I voted” stickers, flooding our social media pages. Saint Joseph’s passed out stickers to students upon receiving proof that these students voted. These stickers are a fun way to share with your peers that your voice was heard and your vote had been cast. 

Photo courtesy: Alyce Anthony ‘22

Activism Doesn’t Stop At The Polls

However, activism does not stop at the polls. On our campus, there are many ways to get involved to commit yourself to education, social justice, and activism. Through a poll, we had asked if anyone had ever taken a class related to social justice and/or activism. We found out that a good amount of our respondents had not. With registration coming up there is no better time to find a class that will spread your knowledge that continues your commitment and education to these very important issues. 

We suggest you take a class regarding political science, sociology, faith, and justice, or even fun electives pertaining to activism and social justice. You can browse these classes here. 

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Expanding Your Knowledge Outside The Classroom 

Lucky for you there are other ways to get involved and expand your knowledge outside the classroom! Join a club that commits themself to social justice and activism. Campus Ministry is committed to service and social justice. Service is truly the best way to provide for your community putting action to your words. Lastly, remember that there is always work to be done and the fight does not end here! 

Photo courtesy: Maya Mendoza ’22
Photo courtesy: Maya Mendoza ’22

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