The splash of the NFL offseason was that Tom Brady, who is thought of as the greatest football player of all time, left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  First, there are many rumors as to why Brady ultimately left the Patriots.  First, I thought it was because of the Patriots 2019 season.  The Patriots were still very good with a 12-4 record, but Brady was the main issue that they weren’t the vintage Patriots.  Brady was still good in 2019, but he had a down year by his standards.  The reason for the success of the Patriots was the top ranked defense led by Defensive Player of the Year, Stephon Gilmore.  However, I thought the Patriots dynasty and Brady’s tenure in New England was going to end as soon as they lost to the Dolphins week 17 at home in a game where Brady NEVER chokes.  He has 17 wins vs the Dolphins at home and it was only his 2nd career home loss to the Dolphins.  This loss cost the Patriots a first round bye for the first time since 2009, and they were ultimately beat in the Wild Card round the next week at home by the Tennessee Titans.

After the game, I said Brady would be the quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers in 2020 or stay with the Patriots.  On March 17, 2020, Brady said he would not return to the Patriots and signed with the Buccaneers, a struggling franchise, a few days later.  Because of Brady’s signing along with a great supporting cast in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Ronald Jones, Leonard Fournette, and Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement, the Bucs were thought to be Super Bowl Contenders for the 2020 season.

The season is currently going great for the Buccaneers who are 7-3 and are pretty much a lock for the playoffs.  I think they are going to the Super Bowl, especially since they signed Antonio Brown.  The Bucs are great, but I think this is more because of some difficulties other NFC teams are facing.  I am not saying the NFC is bad, it is loaded, but there are concerns among contenders.  First, the New Orleans Saints are in the same division and swept the Buccaneers, but Drew Brees is injured and is expected to miss time.  The Bucs are going to capitalize on this as Jameis Winston, the Saints backup, is so unreliable.  The Seahawks are another contender and are so talented with superstar quarterback Russell Wilson.  However, Wilson has recently been erratic after a historic start to the season.  He has thrown nine interceptions in the last six games.  The only NFC team besides the Bucs I 100% have no problems with are the Green Bay Packers.  It is between them and the Bucs to win the NFC.  Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the two best quarterbacks I have ever seen.  Aaron Rodgers, right now, is better than Tom Brady but not out of whole careers.  I think the reason the Bucs are going is because they will get home field advantage due to beating the Packers earlier in the year.  It’s STILL Tom Brady’s world, and we’re all living in it.  Sorry haters.   

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