The Millennium admits his name is weird, but not to those in the Squared Circle Club. For the Squared Circle Club, the passion for professional wrestling is everything.

“I wanted to create a community of friends here at Saint Joseph’s University similar to what I had with my friends before coming to school,” said Chairman Nicholas Senatore.

Trophy awarded to John “Lutzamania” Lutz for Best Champion.

Professional wrestling is sometimes referred to as “fake” wrestling, but the Squared Circle club provides a space for people with a real love for wrestling.

“The general public greets pro wrestling with the attitude that ‘it’s fake so why even watch it?’ Or ‘isn’t that for little kids?’  It’s nice to be around people who appreciate it for the athleticism and storytelling and the fact they can get past that it’s ‘fake.’ It’s refreshing to talk to people with the same view of pro wrestling as me because I’ve only ever had that connection with one or two people at home,” said freshman Alek Krokos.

The Squared Circle Club revolves around professional wrestling events; the members watch, make predictions, and declare a champion. They come together and participate in award ceremonies for honorary members. 

Jeremy Campbell, “The Millennium” with his NXT Champion belt.

Within the club, most of them have aliases and nicknames to identify them. For example, Jeremy Campbell, commonly known as “The Millennium” is the former two-time SJU WWE Champion and NXT Champion. 

The club is geared towards people with an interest in professional wrestling but is open for anyone who is looking to hang out with friends. This mission is set forth in memory of Andrew M. Shelly, whose love for wrestling formed bonds between a multitude of unlikely friends and united them under one common pastime.

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