Nick looking for the right girl.

You’d think that a date at Wendy’s would cost less than one in Center City, but if you bring a girl from Tinder this might not be the case. Nick thought he was being smart taking a first date for some fast food, but he completely underestimated this girl’s appetite. She ate two burgers, a shake, and had fries all over her mouth. It hurt his wallet, but it hurt his eyes even more to watch. What should you do if this happens? Just do what any freshman would do, and bring her back to her dorm.

Pasta pronunciation is one of the most important things for Mike. It’s even more important than looks apparently. There’s nothing that makes him more upset than hearing “gnocchi” pronounced differently from how his mom says it. When he heard her say, “guh-nocky” he felt like he’d been hit by a truck. He thought Tinder had brought him true love, but he really just got an Italian looking “dame” named Angelina who doesn’t have an accent.

Michael, “Big Mike” looking for love on Tinder.

A match with a businessman from Florida might have you thinking of Gucci belts, Balenciaga shoes and Louis Vuitton bags. When Sarah and her friend both matched with this same guy they didn’t know where it would go.

Sara, ex-Tinder user.

There’s no designer brands associated with this hotshot coming to Philly for a weekend. All he wanted was for Sarah and her friend to “get freaky” with him in a fancy hotel. Because, you know, the more the merrier.

There’s always crazy stories associated with Tinder. Whether it be creepy, funny, awkward, or just plain weird. Some people take it seriously, and some treat it as a joke. But what probably hasn’t happened more than once is hearing a real Italian broad mispronounce some pasta.


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