Winter is coming and the season of sweets is almost here.

You need to be ready for any and all holiday festivities. We searched and searched for an easy and adorable holiday treats that anyone can make, even in dorms. We’ll give you all the steps you need to make crowd-pleasing sweets that require little effort and money, perfect for college students!

All you need to start the decoration process is a bag of 12-ounce white chocolate baking chips, double stuff Oreos, paper straws, spoons, and your choice of any food coloring or sprinkles to bring your cookies to life. You can also buy pretzels to use for the reindeer antlers or be creative and go outside the box with your cookie decorating materials.  

Ingredients needed for your cookies

Luckily you can also buy all these ingredients for cheap at any grocery store or local convenience store for under $20 dollars!


  1. Microwave chocolate for 2 minutes on high and add food coloring of choice
  2. Stick a straw through the oreo cream (Be careful not to break the cookie!)
  3. Spread melted chocolate on to the Oreos and begin designing
  4. Let chocolate set for 5 to 10 minutes in the fridge
  5. Add details to the designs with sprinkles and frosting
  6. Eat and enjoy!

See what decorations you can make this holiday season, and see how many friends you can make jealous with your new cookie skills!

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