In today’s society, technology is at everyone’s fingertips. It could be used in numerous ways from creating an article, an app, or simply creating a social media account. Technology was created as a way for people to express themselves creatively. The younger generation has taken this and run with it. Now, many worry that today’s teens are addicted to social media. 

The real question is: how can social media be used in a positive way?  

Sophomore Natalia Pereira created the SJU Speaks Instagram for students to productively express their problems or issues that they are having on campus. She articulates that this idea came from her personal experience here at Saint Joseph’s University.

“I wanted to create a public platform where students could share their concerns, comments, tips, tricks, opinions, etc, and present them to the public. Hopefully bringing attention to issues that need change and also ways to make the experience at SJU the best it can possibly be,” Pereira said. 

Not only did she create this helpful platform for students, but she uses it in a positive way for anyone who really needs the support and might need to feel a connection. 

Technology is also a way to reach a larger audience. In today’s day and age; it is the most effective way to reach a large population of people. This platform is not limited to just social media though, according to Pereira. 

“I would likely use resources around SJU like the newspapers, posters, word-of-mouth, public gatherings, etc.,” Pereira said.  

The general public agrees with her as well. The positive outcome that the SJU Speaks Instagram account has received has been impressive.

 “I have gotten the attention of the SJU senate and the University. They have reached out to me via DM and asked to set up meetings to address these issues. Instagram has given me the platform to reach these higher organizations,” Pereira said.

Technology is a great tool for people to express themselves creatively and effectively. The more people use it in a positive way, the healthier it is for everyone.

SJU speaks Instagram account

SJU speaks Instagram account run by Natalia Pereira. Screenshot photo by Sara Horan.

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