Hard-working college students are far too familiar with the prevalent stress of seemingly endless exams and homework, on top of juggling exciting extracurriculars and social lives. Therefore, the prospect of cooking a healthy, Michelin style meal is a dream-like concept. However, this fantastical notion is certainly within reach with these four quick, easy and healthy recipes for busy students on the go!

If you are tired of store-bought protein bars filled with unnatural ingredients and unnecessary added sugar, try these homemade protein balls instead. This snack provides the same satiating flavors with ingredients you can choose. All you will need for this quick and easy treat is: peanut butter or almond butter of your choosing, a bag of old fashioned oats, protein powder (optional), and toppings (such as chocolate chips or nuts). To begin, add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Start with the oats, then the nut butter, followed by the protein powder, and finally chocolate chips. When all ingredients are combined, use an ice cream scoop or spoon to ball up your batter. This protein-packed snack can be refrigerated for up to two weeks, and is perfect to grab before that stress-inducing final. 

Are you craving a sweet treat after a tiring day of classes? Are you in need of a quick midday pick-me-up? Try this treat! Chocolate and peanut-butter-dipped frozen bananas are a simple and satisfying way to implement fruit and protein, while still enjoying every bite. To replicate this recipe, all you will need is a banana, nut butter of your choice, and dark chocolate. Start by slicing the banana evenly into about one inch slices. Then, heat the nut butter and dark chocolate in separate microwave-safe bowls to get a runnier consistency. Next, use a fork to dip one end of the banana in chocolate and the other in the peanut butter. Lastly, freeze your treat overnight and enjoy!

This third recipe involves Snow White’s infamous, fiber-filled downfall: apples! While apples on their own are delicious, you can try simply increasing the flavor profile and elevating your snack with this easy and delectable yogurt fruit dip. All you will need for this snack is plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, honey and vanilla extract. In a bowl, combine the desired amount of Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of vanilla extract, a tablespoon of honey, and a dash of cinnamon. After mixing the contents of the bowl, you will have a completely reimagined rendition of delicious Greek yogurt, which pairs perfectly with freshly washed apples.

For the last recipe, follow along with Kevin Hoban as he prepares this quick and delicious veggie panini.

Finished veggie panini made by Kevin Hoban.
Photo By: Christian McCarry

Whether you are late-night cramming for an exam, hurrying off to take that dreaded midterm or eagerly preparing for your favorite extracurricular, these snacks are the perfect grab-and-go fix. These simple, easy, and healthy recipes allow you to devote more time to enjoying your day, and less time worrying about incorporating mindful foods into your daily routine. These delicious recipes provide the perfect way to truly eat healthily and happily.