Kevin Schurr ‘24 gives us the gory details surrounding Canvas and his teachers’ frequent misuse of it. “It is making things stressful as a student for me,” Kevin says. 

Kevin Schurr ‘24 and Jonathan Fritz ‘24 talk about their experiences with teachers who don’t know how to use Canvas. 

There is a serious misuse of Canvas in Kevin’s Information Systems class. “Lately instead of putting notes under a file system, he’s been putting all the notes under the announcements,” Kevin says. 

Kevin tells us what frustrates him most. He hates nothing more than when teachers put the notes under announcements instead of files. “It’s simply confusing,” Kevin says. What’s also confusing is how the notes are laid out in announcements. “It will just be this one long announcement, and all the words and links are long and unorganized.”

To make matters even worse, Kevin points out that his professor also posts the assignments under announcements, when everyone knows there’s an assignments tab on Canvas. 

Kevin is not alone in his frustration. His roommate, Jonathan can relate entirely. 

Jonathan, just as Kevin, is far too familiar with teachers posting notes in announcements, and he’s learned to live with it, but what drives him up the wall are teachers who don’t post grades until the end of the semester. 

The big projects are the worst. “There are these big projects, and you don’t know how well you did on them, so it kind of messes you up in how you go about your semester,” Jonathan says. 

Students rely on Canvas to survive school, making the platform an essential tool for both students and teachers. Hence, the ability of a teacher to use Canvas in a straightforward way can be a make or break for students. So, before you pick your teachers, think about whether or not they are someone aware of how to use the software.

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