SJU junior Maggie Nowlan believes that Manayunk bars should make their own decisions regarding proof of vaccination.

“In my opinion I do think it’s fair that Irish American Pub Ryan’s asks for proof of vaccination when entering because it is a small, privately owned business and if that is what they feel comfortable doing, then they should be able to do that.” Nowlan said.

Most bars in Manayunk now require proof of vaccination along with your ID. Is it fair for bars to be asking people to prove their vaccination status before entering with the pandemic coming to an end and most of our community vaccinated?

Bars in Manayunk have long been a staple in SJU student’s weekends. This new twist in the rules has been a controversial topic among students. Some think that it is unfair, others argue that it is fair, and some don’t care either way. We interviewed four students to better understand their opinion on the matter.

Ryan’s Pub is a favorite among SJU upperclassmen.

Senior Nick Vagnozzi is one of the four students that we interviewed to get his take on the new rules.

“I don’t think it’s fair for bars to ask people if they are vaccinated or to prove vaccination status before entering. I don’t think it’s fair because a lot of different people have different reasons for not receiving the vaccination such as allergies, health issues, or religious reasons. I think it is unnecessary to be asking people and allowing admittance into a bar based on vaccination status rather than age.” Vagnozzi said. 

Senior Michael Miranda had a different opinion on the new rules.

“I do think it’s fair for bars to ask for proof of vaccination before entering. I think it’s fair because once you get into the bar you do not have to wear a mask, which is preferred by a lot of people.” Miranda said.

Senior Liam Corbett agrees with the case for it being fair but doesn’t personally care either way.

 “I feel that it is fair for bars to require proof of vaccination. For me personally I wouldn’t say that I care, but for general safety and for people to be more comfortable in the bar, I don’t see why not.” Corbett said.

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